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Last Modified: September 21, 2010

BEAT 2 United Kingdom Cover


The Congos
Heart Of The Congos
United Kingdom


This classic roots reggae album is one which the members of the Beat had long been fans of. It was an underground hit in the UK reggae scene. However, prior to the Go Feet reissue, it was very difficult to find. As Dave Wakeling recalls:

You could buy second hand copies that were all scratched up and there were some bootleg cassettes floating about. You could tell which copy they were by how many scratches were on the cassette. Not very good. So we thought ‘How wonderful, we've got this new digital thing now so that we can remaster and re-release our favorite reggae record of all time and somebody else's wallet will pay for it.

This album is essential for any roots reggae collection. It was recorded by Lee Perry in his legendary Black Ark studio, which is a fact that draws many to the album and has led to it being reissued many times. Go Feet helped to keep the album in the public eye.


  1. Fisherman
  2. Congoman
  3. Open Up The Gate
  4. Children Crying
  5. La La Bam Bam
  6. Can't Come In
  7. Sodom And Gomorrow
  8. The Wrong Thing
  9. Ark Of Covenant
  10. Solid Foundation

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