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Last Modified: September 17, 2010

FEET 1 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Hands Off... She's Mine
United Kingdom


The success of the Beat's first single, “Tears of a Clown”, released by the Specials' 2 Tone label landed the band a similar deal with Arista Records. This deal resulted in the formation of the band's very Go Feet label, which Arista would distribute in the UK. As can be expected, Arista “wanted the combo to record something commercial” to establish a strong following for the label Halasa. It is a safe assumption that they hoped to imitate Chrysalis' success with its Two Tone imprint and cash in on the popularity of ska in the UK at the time.

“Hands Off She's Mine” was selected to be marketed as the band's next big single. It is a highly relatable song about wanting what one cannot have throughout the process of infatuation, love, and loss. As reflected by the single's peak chart position of number 9, it was a big hit for the Beat everyHit.com. However, there was some initial disagreement between the band members over what their second single would be. “Andy objected, feeling that ‘Twist and Crawl' was a better indication of the music they played.” As a compromise, the release became a double A-side Halasa.

“Twist And Crawl”, co-written by Bradsell, features a very catchy, pulsating bass line. It describes the emotions of one who encounters a lost love after a painful break up.


  1. Hands Off... She's Mine
  2. Twist And Crawl

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