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Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 11 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Hit It
United Kingdom


Here is a single that every Beat fan should have. Neither song would ever appear on a Beat LP or any sort of compilation. They are, however, both great tracks with a sound more toward that of the Special Beat Service LP.

Despite the taboo subject of "Hit It", the Beat was banking on it being a big success. However, fate had other plans. For some reason a special copy of the single designed to accommodate radio transmission was not ready in time for its premiere, so instead a retail copy was provided to Radio One. This proved to be a huge disaster. Distortion of the track was so severe that it had to be stopped mid-play. It would - for some reason - never be given another chance. As a result, this would become the first Beat single to completely miss the charts, condemning both songs to obscurity. They are however wonderful tracks and often fan favorites.

No Beat single would ever be able to make it back onto the UK Top 40, but this was certainly not the end of the band's success.


  1. Hit It
  2. Which Side Of The Bed...?

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