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FEET 121

Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 121 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Hands Off... She's Mine
United Kingdom


This release marks the beginning of a line of great 12-inch singles from Go Feet. Clearly much more time was put into crafting the extended mixes for the label than many of Two Tone's 12-inch releases, which often left a much to be desired. The band took great pleasure in working on its extended mixes since they were granted far more creative freedom on them as a condition of compromising on the 7-inch mixes. A studio would be given to the Beat where they would each take part in recording the extended mixes and they learning much in the process.

The extended mix of "Hands Off She's Mine" offers up an additional verse performed by Ranking Roger before the song transforms into a dub containing the final two verses. "Twist And Crawl" plays through the same as the 7-inch version, but at the end segues into a wonderfully executed dub that feels like a true extension of the song.


  1. Hands Off... She's Mine (Extended)
  2. Twist And Crawl (Extended)

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