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Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 15 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
United Kingdom


Continuing their trend toward more pop-oriented material, the Beat released this single as the first off of their third LP, Special Beat Service. While a great single, it would only just make it to number 45 on the UK charts AMG. Despite that, it did draw a lot of people's attention toward the new LP.

"Jeanette" is an upbeat song with a major French vibe. It is not a bad song, but not quite a worthy follow up to the excellent "Save It For Later". On the B-side is the very catchy instrumental "March Of The Swivel Heads". The song will get stuck in your head without a doubt. This is the only place to find the track since it was never released on an LP.


  1. Jeanette
  2. March Of The Swivel Heads

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