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Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 16 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
I Confess
United Kingdom


At this point, it is clear that the Beat's attention has shifted to the American music industry. To further promote Special Beat Service, this shorter mix of "I Confess" was selected with the hope that it would become a radio hit. With the B-side also being culled straight from the LP, however, there was little reason to buy it. Those who liked the song either probably already owned a copy of the LP or would secure one of their own.

In the USA, the single became a hit. Again, airing of the music video on MTV propelled the (English) Beat up the charts. Notably, though, the USA did receive a mix of "I Confess" different from what appears on this release.


  1. I Confess
  2. Sole Salvation

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