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FEET 333

Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 333 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Save It For Later
United Kingdom


First off, the catalog number 333 is used in place of the number 13 due to its superstitious reputation for bringing bad luck.

While the Beat's popularity was on the decline in the UK at this time, it was steadily rising in the United States where they were known as the English Beat. This single had, for the first time, allowed the bands to breach the US Top 40. MTV played huge role in popularizing "Save It For Later" due to ample airing of the video. The song would go on to become the band's most well known single in the States and would resurface on the charts with a cover by Harvey Danger.

Overshadowed entirely by the single's A-side, "What's Your Best Thing?" is another song that would be destined for obscurity. Though it is a fun, danceable track, it simply cannot compare to the excellence of "Save It For Later".

This single also marks the last paper label 7-inch to be released on the Go Feet label in the UK.


  1. Save It For Later
  2. What's Your Best Thing?

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