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Last Modified: September 21, 2010

FEET 4 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Too Nice To Talk To
United Kingdom


Beat fans received the gift of a brand new single during the 1980 holiday season. The songs demonstrate a transition into a slightly mellower, more reggae sound that can be best described as falling somewhere in between of the sounds found on I Just Can't Stop It and Wha'ppen. Though the B-side is certainly not a commercial track, "Too Nice To Talk To" managed to reach number 7 on the charts everyHit.com. This hit song about being too shy to approach a woman was intentionally not included on the bands next LP. Even though it may have fit right in with the rest of the songs on the album, at the time it was considered unusual for a band to include a song on an album from a single released so long before it.


  1. Too Nice To Talk To
  2. Psychedelic Rockers

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