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Last Modified: November 28, 2011

FEET 3 United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
Best Friend
United Kingdom


A few months after the release of the Beat's I Just Can't Stop It LP, "Best Friend" was chosen to be the first single off of the album that the label would attempt to make into a hit. However, the downside to this timing was that fewer copies of this single were sold than of the label's previous two releases since anyone interested in owning a copy of the song could simply buy the LP. The dub version of the anti-Thatcherist "Stand Down Margaret" is unique to this single, but certainly not a very commercial track. Despite these limiting factors, the single still impressively managed to hit the 22 spot on the charts everyHit.com.


  • Stand Down Margaret advert from the August 16, 1980 issue of N.M.E. courtesy of John V.


  1. Best Friend
  2. Stand Down Margaret (Dub)

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