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Last Modified: December 29, 2011

PEEL United Kingdom Cover


The Beat
John Peel BBC Radio Sessions
United Kingdom


Likely an unofficial pressing on red vinyl of the three John Peel sessions that The Beat recorded. A limited pressing of 300 copies is claimed. The bootlegs have been floating around the web for a while, but it's nice to get a decent quality vinyl representation of them.

The sessions were recorded on

  • November 5, 1979
  • September 22, 1980
  • March 29, 1982

All of the songs performed are alternate versions. Some shorter, likely due to time restrictions. All generally more raw and representative of what the band sounded like without any studio magic applied. For fans, it's essential listening and likely a piece that they will want in their collection in one form or another.


  1. Tears Of A Clown
  2. Rankin' Full Stop
  3. Click Click
  4. Mirror In The Bathroom
  5. Big Shot
  6. Too Nice To Talk To
  7. Psychedelic Rockers
  8. Monkey Murders
  9. Walk Away
  10. Spar Wid Me
  11. She's Going
  12. Save It For Later
  13. Pato And Roger (Ago Talk)
  14. Sole Salvation

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