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Last Modified: November 2, 2011

BEAT 3 Cover


The Selecter
Too Much Pressure


Not to be confused by the classic 2 Tone album of the same name, this is a 1999 compilation of other iterations of the band. About half of the tracks are studio recordings and the other half are live concert recordings. Prince Buster guests on the two of the tracks (both his songs).

The Harry May Record Company released puzzling record. In addition to confusing title, the labels are lifted directly from Wha'ppen (BEAT 3). Only the center region with the band name and track listing is changed. Even the 1981 copyright message to Arista is left intact.


  • Sid Stovold


  1. Three Minute Hero
  2. Too Much Pressure
  3. On My Radio '91
  4. The Selecter
  5. Musical Servant (1927-1998)
  6. Bad Dog
  7. Madness (Tuff Mix) (Featuring Prince Buster)
  8. Out On The Streets (Live)
  9. Times Hard (Live)
  10. I Want Justice (Live)
  11. Rough Rider (Live) (Featuring Prince Buster)
  12. James Bond (Live)
  13. Sweet Dreams (Live)
  14. Carry Go Bring Come (Live)
  15. Orange Street (Live)
  16. Celebrate The Bullet (Live)

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