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WEA K 18431

Last Modified: October 30, 2011

WEA K 18431 Cover


The Expressos
Tango In Mono


Take a look at the cover art and you will notice that the design is eerily similar. The woman's pose is a slight variation of that of the Beat girl's and then a spotlight sort of shape is used for the white backdrop rather than a skewed box. Considering the release date, it is very likely that this artwork was inspired by the Go Feet label.

WEA, a subsidiary of Warner, released the single in the UK in 1980 which is a combination of 70's new wave and 60's girl-group beat music. It was also released in Spain and Portugal. Production is credited to Pat Moran and John David.

The Expressos released 3 other singles in addition to a LP PunkModPop.free.fr:

  • 1980 - By Tonight 7"
  • 1980 - Hey Girl 7"
  • 1980 - Tango In Mono 7"
  • 1981 - Kiss You All Over 7"
  • 1981 - Promises And Ties LP

You can check out the Expressos at their official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theexpressos.



  • Sid Stovold


  1. Tango In Mono
  2. Thumbs To The Ground

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